The uses of BHARATHAMITHRAM reading are numerous. For starters, it provides coverage of global and local catholic news and catholic faith-based content. For its long-time readers, it provides spiritual nourishment to fulfil the spiritual thirst.

Late Most Rev. Mummadi Ignatius
(Bishop of Guntur)

Founder of Bharathamithram (1943)

We thank and appreciate the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Editor, Executive editor, the entire team of BM, writers, and all the Collaborators for bringing out a valuable content-filled in magazine throughout the year for our Telugu Catholics. May His Spirit inspire and guide you always to bring out the message of peace to all in the Holy Name of Christ. Amen.

Telugu Catholic Bishops' Council (TCBC)

Owners of Bharathamithram

Bharathamithram strengthens the faith of the people and promotes Telugu Catholic Literature. I encourage every Catholic family to read Bharathamithram regularly for their spiritual development. I also sincerely appreciate all readers and writers and people working for it.

Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao SMM
(Bishop of Vijayawada)

Chairman of Bharathamithram

Bharathamithram is the official voice of Telugu Catholic Bishops to enlighten Telugu Christians (Catholics) with information, news, and religious article. Its main purpose is to enrich their faith and bring them awareness.

Most Rev. Vijay Kumar Rayarala PIME
(Bishop of Srikakulam)

Vice Chairman of Bharathamithram

Bharathamithram is the prestigious magazine of Telugu Catholics. In this digital age, it is a good move to reading Bharathamithram on app and website along with hard copy . Working as an editor of BM is a great experience that I preserve throughout my priestly life. All our writers and readers are valuable and have taught me so much.

Fr. Kaspar Chatla

Editor & Secretary, Bharathamithram

Working for Bharathamithram is my childhood dream as I have been reading it from my childhood. It is really a prestigious magazine of Telugu Catholic Church

Mr. Ratna Teja

Executive Editor of BM

The most comprehensive
Telugu Catholic App

Bharathamithram mobile app is a tool for Digital Evangelization in this digital age with all Catholic Content on it. Following the daily faith-based information on this app will help us to strengthen our faith and Telugu catholic literature that draws us closer to the Almighty God.

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It is very useful for spiritual development of all telugu Catholics.
Shaik Subhani
Excellent app for telugu catholic community. One must have this app in his/her mobile.
Ashok Kumar Ganta
I personally recommend to all Catholics for daily liturgical updates. Hats off to bharathamithram team for developing this app.
Yeruva Maria Nikhil Reddy
It's very good App for our spiritual life to every one expecially to Roman Catholics..thanq very the Editor and team members
Nirmala Bodala

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