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The main motives of Bharathamithram are

  • Instructing the faithful on religious, moral, educational, social values
  • Informing the faithful about the Catholic News and Views
  • Providing articles on faith and personality development
  • Servving as the official voice of Telugu Catholic Bishops Council (TCBC) and Catholic Forum
  • Presenting Catholic identity and generates Catholic opinion in secular Issues.
  • Serving all the pastoral needs of Telugu Catholic Church

Bharathamithram provides for all the registered users to read the Bharathaminthram, Telugu Catholic Fortnightly by buying subscriptions. By registering and payment of money online. This serves the Telugu people. The user can read all the magazines. There is a facility to renew the subscription for registered users. This online E-Magazine reading facility is provided by the present editor of Bharathamithram Fr. Kaspar Chatla of behalf of Telugu Catholic Bishops Council and with permission of Chairman Bishop Most. Rev. T. J. Raja Rao, Bishop of Vijayawada, after receiving the requests of this online copy from many readers. As the present age is called digital age. According to the times, the update of the magazine is brought into online. It hoped that the online E-Magazine of Bharathmithram may help many Telugu people to enrich their faith.


Subscription Policy

 There is only one type of subscription available as of now, Paying Rs 300/- for An Year. The User can pay the money and read the magazines till the subscription date gets expired. The user can log in and renew the subscription.


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